I am happy that you are interested in my political work. The upcoming European election on 26th May is rightfully being seen by many as a fateful election (an election of enormous consequence).  

This election will decide whether Europe is to fall back into petty nationalism or whether we will face the challenges of the future together as Europeans.  

As a candidate for the Social Democratic Party Germany (SPD), I  will work towards a more social, more sustainable and more democratic Europe.

That means, that I will work towards

  • The introduction of a minimum wage in all European countries
  • A European unemployment insurance.
  • A guarantee of work for young people
  • A reduction of plastic waste
  • An increase in research funding for new motors/ drive (automotive) systems ( e-mobility, fuel cells)

The strengthening of the European Union is important to me. This includes the strengthening of the European parliament as well as the creation of European electoral constituencies and the drawing up of a European Constitution. The EU must also defend its core values. That requires the power to declare sanctions against member states that fail to comply with those values.   

With your vote for the SPD you will not only strengthen the EU, but make it more social, more sustainable and more democratic.


As a citizen of an EU-member state you are eligible to vote in Germany, if you live in Germany or spend most of your time here. In addition, you need to meet the same criteria as German citizens. Each voter can only cast one vote, either in their country of origin or in Germany. In order to be eligible to vote you must submit “an application of a EU citizen to be added to the electoral roll”, before 3rd May 2019, at the city of Ulm

For more information visit: https://www.ulm.de/global/datenpool/lebenslagen/wahlen-und-b%C3%BCrgerbeteiligung/europawahl/wer-darf-w%C3%A4hlen-(aktives-wahlrecht)

Local council elections will take place at the same time as the election for the European council. All European citizens are also eligible to vote in their local council elections.

Do you have further questions about my views or ideas? Please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking on “contact”.

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